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Total CAD Printer is a time saver due to its ability to automate printing tasks
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27 March 2013

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All those engineers, tech-savvy people and students working with CAD who find it extremely tedious to print their numerous designs one by one, can now definitely find a solution in Total CAD Printer. Total CAD Printer is a fantastic software program that automates the printing process of CAD files in a batch. This CAD printer supports varied amount of formats such as hp1, hp2, dxf, dwf, svg, cgm to name a few. With this tool at hand you can easily perform the printing tasks automatically without the necessity of expensive AutoCAD. You will be able to carry out the printing process either with GUI interface or via command line.

So if you have always dreamt of quickly printing a bunch of CAD designs together in a batch your dream will be coming true with Total CAD Printer in your disposal. If you have multiple printers connected to a network and you want a printout from a certain printer it can be easily done with this program. The interface of this printing application is ridiculously simple. CAD drawings are usually large so it takes a number of adjustments for them to get a proper printout. This CAD design printing software offers a perfect platform for carrying out all the necessary adjustments. You can conveniently set the orientation of the printout as per your wish by clicking portrait or landscape radio buttons. In accordance with the designs and size of the printout you can adjust the ‘Paper’ option and get your designs in different page sizes. Besides all that it also facilitates you with 4 different quality levels in your printouts.

Total CAD Printer is very moderately priced and judging by all the features it offers we can easily rate this worthwhile printing application with a score of 4 out of 5.

Publisher's description

Imagine how much time and effort you will waste printing all those CAD drawings one by one. Use Total CAD Printer to automate your printing tasks. It prints folders of DWG, DXF, PLT, PRN, SVG and other CAD drawings requiring min actions from you. You may print all your folders of CAD files in few clicks only!
Total CAD Printer will automatically select scaling mode and paper orientation to fit each drawing best. It also offers several levels of printing quality for your needs to save ink on drafts. A nice interface and command line support make it even more attractive for CAD users.
Total CAD Printer is available in evaluation mode for free. Download it now and start saving your time today.
Total CAD Printer
Total CAD Printer
Version 1.6
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thats great software unbeliveble.

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